High Silicon Anodes

Cast Stick High Silicon Iron Anode

"Chill Cast" in Metal Molds Assures consistent weight, greater density less flake graphite grain boundary, and lower chemical segregation than [...] More Info »

High Silicon Iron Tubular Anodes

Chill Cast in Metal Molds Optimizes metal structure and consistency of weight and dimensions. Zinc connector hydraulically pressed into taper [...] More Info »

Mixed Metal Oxide Wire Anode

TELPRO MMO WIRE ANODES are available in two standard sizes, with two standard current ratings. Other sizes and rating are available [...] More Info »

Graphite Anodes

While graphite anodes are used extensively to minimize corrosive attack on cross-country pipelines, they also have widespread application on a [...] More Info »

Platinized Titanium

Probe Anode Assembly           Model Designation Specify as EDI Model AR-asd-G.L.TTT where a = active surface: […]

More Info »

Coke Breeze Backfill (Asbury)

Carbon is Life Carbon is the basic building block of all organic substances and is therefore the basis of all [...] More Info »

Mixed Metal Oxide Canister Mesh Anode

TELPRO MESH STRIP ANODES are manufactured using titanium expanded mesh substrate, which meets ASTM B265 Grade 1 or 2 standards, and [...] More Info »

MMO Tubular Anode

TELPRO TUBULAR ANODES are manufactured using titanium which meets ASTM B338 Grade 1 or 2 Standards. TELPRO Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes have [...] More Info »


TELPRO ROD ANODES consist of solid titanium rod manufactured using titanium which meets ASTM B348 Grade 1 or 2 standards. The [...] More Info »
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