Stuart Steel Protection is a complete-line distributor of cathodic protection gear and coatings for buried and above grade steel pipe & structures.

Corrosion is life threatening, costly, harmful to the environment and wasteful. Unchecked corrosion can lead to structural failure, environmental pollution, excessive maintenance costs and equipment down time. Stuart Steel has a complete line of corrosion control components, coatings, tapes and wraps. Let us help you control corrosion today!

Galvanic (Sacrificial) Anodes

 Impressed Current Anodes

Power Supply & Equipment

Tapes, Wraps & Repair

Buried Pipe Coatings

Above Grade Coatings

Oil & Gas

  • Distribution Pipelines

  • Transport Pipelines

  • Process Pipelines

  • Pigs & Pigging Stations

  • Compressors & Pumps

  • Storage Tanks

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  • Sheet Pilings/Intake & Discharge Canals

  • Sheet Pilings/Breakwaters
  • Fuel Transport Pipelines

  • Dock-side Transfer Pipes

  • Process Pipelines

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Water Protection

  • Water Mains

  • Storage Tanks

  • Pumping Stations

  • Distribution Valves

  • Outside Plant Equipment

  • Check Bridge Crossing language
  • Bridge Crossings

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Marine Protection

  • Sheet Pilings/Breakwaters

  • Dock-side Transfer Pipes
  • Steel Pipe Pilings

  • Breakwaters

  • Cranes & Lifts

  • Bulkheads

  • Ships

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Our partners

We stock the highest quality components, from thoroughly vetted manufacturers, at a fair price, that are well suited to customer needs.

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More about Stuart Steel

Stuart Steel Protection has thousands of products to meet your corrosion control needs, but just three things to sell: Service, Quality and Price.

  • Stuart Steel’s personnel maintain close, personal relationships with OEMs and component vendors, carefully vetting our suppliers, to ensure that we stock the highest quality components, at a fair price, that are well suited to customer needs.

  • Stuart Steel’s personnel also work closely with every customer, to provide each customer with the right components, parts and coatings for their application.  We won’t sell you a product that doesn’t meet your needs.

  • Stuart Steel has cathodic protection and coating products to protect a wide range of steel structures; our deepest experience is with buried and above grade piping; we also provide test equipment and the training needed to use it properly.

  • Stuart Steel’s partners with contracted Engineering Design firms to efficiently select the best products to implement the corrosion protection plan.

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Field and Shop Demonstration

Stuart Steel Protection offers “hands on” demonstrations in the field or shop to instruct contractors and company crews on the correct installation methods for specific products.

Training Seminars

Stuart Steel Protection offers “no fee” seminars to educate customers on corrosion control principles and applications, equipment installation methods or specifics, new products, handling procedures, delivery information and much more.  Visual aids and videos are provided.

Field Assistance

Stuart Steel Protection Rapid Response Team is always available to assist a customer with the installation and use of our products.

Technical Support

Stuart Steel Protection offers qualified, professional assistance by recognized leaders in the corrosion control industry to assure our clients that recommended or selected products are applicable.

Laboratory Testing

Stuart Steel Protection utilizes certified, independent research labs to analyze materials. Standard field tests like soil analysis, resistivity and field measurements are available through our network of professional partners.

Educational Media

Stuart Steel Protection offers videos for symposiums and corrosion personnel meetings. These videos show the capabilities of products and acquaint users or designers with various product applications. Videos are provided or loaned at no charge. Formats are CD files, DVD and VHS. Stuart also has a limited library of printed articles on materials and the science of Cathodic Protection.

Responsive Delivery

Stuart Steel Protection maintains an inventory of materials in its New Jersey, Tennessee, and Georgia warehouses ready (in most cases) for immediate shipment. Material can also be shipped from supplier inventories warehoused throughout the country. Status of all orders are tracked and clients are notified in advance of any delays and updated with shipping schedules.


2023 SGA Spring Gas Conference

March 13 - 15 / Charlotte, NC

2023 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo

March 19 - 23 / Denver, CO

Virginia SCC - Damage Prevention Conference

April 25 - 26 / Virginia Beach, VA

WEI Operations Conference

April 25 - 28/ Phoenix, AZ

2023 AGA Operations Conference & Biennial Exhibition & Spring Committee Meetings

May 1 - 4 / Grapevine, TX

Appalachian Underground Corrosion Short Course

May 9 - 11 / Morgantown, WV

NGA Gas Operations School

June 6 - 9 / Smithfield, RI

2023 SGA Natural Gas Connect

June 12 - 15 / Louisville, KY

2023 AMPP Central Conference

September 11 - 14 / Albuquerque, NM

AWWA Water Infrastructure Conference 2023

September 10 - 13 / Philadelphia, PA

The Utility Expo

September 26 - 28 / Louisville, KY

WEFTEC Annual Technical Exhibition & Conference

September 30 - October 4 / Chicago, IL

2023 AMPP Eastern Conference

October 2 - 4 / Savannah, GA

2023 AGA Executive Conference

October 8 - 9 / Austin, TX

2023 NGA Fall Operations Conference

October 19 - 20 / Saratoga Springs, NY

2023 SGA Executive Conference

November 4 - 7 / Barton Creek, TX

AWWA Pipeline Condition Assessment 2023

November 6 - 8 / Dallas, TX

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