Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes

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LIDA® Mesh Ribbon Anodes

Key features

LIDA® LD Mesh Ribbon Anodes has 60% lower resistivity than conventional
ribbon Mesh. The high conductivity allows a significant reduction in the
number of connections required to distribute current to the anodes.
• No sharp edges: easier to handle and install
• Manufactured in longer coils: 76m vs. 26m coil length
of LIDA® Mesh Ribbon
• Increased flexibility
• Tested According to NACE TM 0294
• Lower life-cycle costs and extended anode life of over 50 years


The LIDA® LD Mesh Ribbon Anodes is primarily designed for CP of:
• New structures
• Remedial works of existing reinforced concrete structures
• Historic steel framed buildings
Its unique properties make the anode extremely advantageous in the CP
of tank bottoms of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs).

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