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Portable Holiday Detectors

odels: 715 725 735


Infinite Voltage Settings now allow you to set the voltage exactly to the level you desire for the coating you are inspecting. Not 6 settings, not 20 … any setting you desire over the complete range of each detector model. Whatever the pipe size, 2 inches through 60 inches, whatever the coating – somastic, tar, asphalt, extruded coats and tapes or thin film epoxy coatings – you have at your control the exact voltage setting required.

Automatically Regulated Voltage keeps your voltage constant! Over a range of2 in. through 60 in. pipe the detector output voltage automatically adjusts under the working load to the voltage levels you set. Now you can forget
compensations for pipe size, coating variations, or moisture on the pipe – the detectors automatically make these adjustments.

Interchangeable batteries easily slip into position with a snap that announces positive contact, and a secure lock in
position. Two batteries and a universal charger are part ofthe package. For continuous service, one battery is kept charging while the other powers the unit.

Model 715 – low Voltage
The 715 is designed especially for thin film coatings. It provides infmite voltage settings over the 1,000 to 5,000 volt range. If moisture is on the pipe, the Model 715 automatically converts from DC to a fast pulse mode. This enables you to inspect under wet or dry conditions.

Model 725 – High Voltage
For thicker coatings such as coal tars, extruded and tape coatings, the Model 725 has a range of infinite voltage settings from 1,000 to 15,000 volts. This wide range permits you to maintain a steady inspection rate on most types of coatings on most pipe sizes without changing detectors. Pulse voltage output only.

Model 735 – Extra High Voltage
This Spy· detector has a range of 15,000 to 35,000 volts for inspections of somastic and other extra thick coatings. Pulse voltage only.



Detector: Packaged in a molded high-impact, shockproof ABS and nylon plastic case. Push button “on/off’ switch is recessed to prevent accidental activation. Light in the switch gives on/off indication, and blinks to visually signal holidays, in addition to the loud, high pitched signal horn that is easily heard above job site noises.

Battery: 3 V2 lb., 6-volt rechargeable lead dioxide battery gives a day’s operation under normal conditions. 8 amp-hour rating. Maintenance free! Operates in any position.

Charger: Recharges the battery in about 8 hours. No overcharging – brings battery to full charge then supplies a trickle to maintain peak charge. Universal charger- 120/240 volt. Doubles as battery tester.

Electrode Wand: Rugged ABS plastic over stainless steel core and solid aluminum rod. Easily assembled spring connector. For Models 715, 725, 735, standard length wand is 21 inches. For shoulder Models 915, 925, the standard two-piece sturdy plastic tube wandjoins for a 30 inch reach. Extra length wands are available for all models.

Ground Cable: Flexible cable lies flat, gives optimum grounding action. Interlock assures positive electrical connection. Standard length 50 feet.

Electrode Connector: For spring electrodes the connector tor has a sealed ball bearing in the end to permit the electrode to roll freely. Simple wing nut connection for brush and other type electrodes.

Carrying/Shipping Case: Molded ABS plastic construction assures secure weather-proof protection for detector and components. Parts are cushioned in a molded insert. Full-length piano-type hinge, rugged catches.

Weights: Average domestic shipping weight (dependent on electrode size): 35 lbs. Export air shipping weight: about 50 lbs.

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