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Trenton Fill-Coat® #2 Cold-Applied Wax Casing Filler


Fill-Coat #2 is a petrolatum-based corrosion preventative compound that is specifically designed to be installed cold out of a 55-gallon drum for small quantity requirements. It remains in a firm gel consistency at ground temperatures commonly found in normal pipeline operations.

End Use

Fill-Coat #2 is used to fill the annular space between the pipeline casing and the carrier pipe. It displaces water that may be present and it prevents water from re-entering, thereby mitigating any further corrosion.

Application Procedures

Fill-Coat #2 is shipped directly to the job site in 55- gallon drums and pumped (at temperatures above 55°F) by an air-driven mastic pump directly into the casing through one casing vent until it flows from the opposite vent. Fill-Coat #2 can be heated and pumped as a liquid if desired.

A 10:1 ratio mastic pump with follower plate is available on a rental basis.


Color Dark Brown
Specific Gravity @ 60°F .80-.90
Pour Point 80-100°F
Flash Point 300°F


55-gallon drums


  • Prevents galvanic and atmospheric corrosion within casings
  • Displaces and prevents re-entry of water in casing
  • Satisfies DOT requirements for shorted casings
  • Carrier pipe can be removed
  • Inert, nonhazardous, and nonvolatile
  • Pumpable at temperatures above 55°F without heating
  • Economical for small quantity requirements

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