Oil & Gas Corrosion Protection

Safety, reliability, and the integrity of energy distribution infrastructure is a national security and public safety priority. Moreover, the combination of proper coatings and cathodic protection is a federally mandated component of oil, gas and interstate hazardous materials pipeline systems. Stuart Steel Protection Corporation knows that engineers in this field take that responsibility seriously.

Stuart has helped the oil and gas industry with a complete line of coating and cathodic protection products since 1952, protecting thousands of miles of transmission & distribution pipeline east of the Mississippi, along with above grade piping and other equipment. We get you what you need, where you need it, when you need it.

Long known for outstanding sacrificial anodes for gas distribution pipelines along with tapes, wraps and other coatings for below-grade piping, Stuart also offers a complete line of components for impressed current cathodic protection systems, and for atmospheric exposure (above grade) coatings (SuperCoat FLC7). Stuart also offers coatings and wraps for buried pipeline, test equipment, instruments and accessories, pipeline pigs, and electrical isolation products.

Corrosion Protection Products & Services:

  • New, high-performance Supercoat FLC7 coating for above grade corrosion prevention.

  • A complete line of products (anodes, cables, power-sources & rectifiers, test and monitoring equipment) for galvanic and impressed current corrosion protection systems.

  • Sacrificial anodes for galvanic protection of natural gas distribution lines.

  • No-Fee, ‘in-house’ corrosion control seminars to keep you and your staff current on the latest technology and tools for implementing corrosion prevention plans in your pipeline & asset network.

  • Tools and products for both existing-infrastructure retro-fit and new-infrastructure protection from day one.

  • Coatings, wraps and other accessories to supplement active cathodic protection with durable passive barrier-based protection systems, for both buried and exposed assets.

  • Maintenance tools like pipeline pigs and pig monitoring systems for your diagnostic needs.

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