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Stuart Rockstop


STUART DIAMOND ROCKSTOP™ is a medium density polyethylene extruded into a flat backed diamond mesh pattern. STUART DIAMOND ROCKSTOP is a flexible, lightweight product made by a special expansion process to provide compressive strength.

STUART .DIAMOND ROCKSTOP is used as a padding on pipelines to protect the coating against rock damage during
backfilling. Its flat side is placed against the coated pipe surface and virtually eliminates coating cold flow and cathodic shielding effect problems common to many rock shields.

1. Eliminates the “shielding effect” commonly associated with ordinary sheets of solid rock shield.

2. Has superior impact resistance.

3. Is lightweight, easier to install and only requires one person.

4. Does not deteriorate in inclement weather.

5. Costs less to transport and is not easily damaged compared to solid sheets.

6. The unique flat side virtually eliminates coating cold flow characteristics associated with cold applied tapes, wax coatings, mastics and vinyl coatings.

7. Available in 20″, 30″, 60″ & 72″ rolls easily handled by one person.

8. In addition to standard Black, STUART DIAMOND ROCKSTOP
is manufactured in a variety of colors: (Specify with order)
… Blue for water lines
… Yellow for gas lines
… Red for power lines
… Green for sewer lines
… Orange for communication lines

STUART DIAMOND ROCKSTOP lends itself well to spiral continuous pipe wrapping or can be cut to lengths, slightly longer than the pipe diameter for cigarette wrapping. In either case the material is easily held in place with filament  tape or securing cable ties through the mesh.

Nominal Thicknss- 160 mils
Nominal Width- As Specified
Nominal Length- 100 ft.
Nominal Weight- 15.5 Ibs. per square
Nominal Compressive Strength- 190 PSI ASTM D695
Nominal Impact Resistance- Passed ASTM G13
Nominal Tear Resistance- 50 lbs per in. width
Nominal Deformation- 20% ASTM G17
Width of Mesh- 3/16″ X 3/16″


 Coverage Information Rolls Per 1000 Feet of Pipe

Pipe Diameter  Rolls
6 “ 4.5
8 “ 5.2
10 “ 6.2
12 “ 7.7
14 “ 8.8
16 “ 9.3
18 “ 10.3
20 “ 11.4
22 “ 12.4
24 “ 13.9
26 “ 14.9
28 “ 17
30 “ 20.3
32 “ 24.2
34 “ 27.6

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