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Dairyland UltraBox

Dairyland Ultraboxes are now available from our Georgia Warehouse!

Dairyland takes the modular approach in providing junction boxes featuring easy access and the ability to add, remove, or reposition modules at any time. This patented design approach shortens delivery times and allows us to provide customers with junction boxes that are customizable, configurable and adaptable.

• Easy, snap-in modules allow for any box configuration associated with anodes, rectifiers, and bonds.
• Customizable DIN rail mounting system; fully adjustable, oriented either vertically or horizontally.
• Wide variety of shunts, resistor, and measurement termination modules available.
• Direct access to all modules and field wiring connections.
• Lightweight stainless steel and UV-resistant polycarbonate enclosures are lockable and impact-resistant.

The Dairyland UltraBox is a modular junction box design that can be configured in many  different ways to achieve the desired connection of any combination of shunts, resistors,  measurement terminals, etc for measuring and controlling the current to anodes and pipelines in  active cathodic protection systems.. These components are mounted on modules with snap‐in  clips, which attach to DIN rails mounted to channels inside of various sized enclosures. The clips are spring loaded to lock onto the rails. Removal involves depressing a toggle bar on the clip with an object such as a screwdriver. It can then be lifted off of the rail. Likewise, a module can be re-positioned anywhere along the rail. The rails themselves can be shifted to  any position between the channels that are mounted to the enclosure.

In traditional junction boxes, these components have been mounted to an insulated panel  mounted to the bottom of an enclosure on stand‐offs. The screw/nut connections to secure  these components and the copper bus commonly used to join shunts in parallel were  normally on the underside of this panel. In order to make any change after such junction  box was installed, most any change could take hours because to access, remove, and work  on this panel generally required disconnection of all cable connections and removable of  cables from the enclosure, followed by the reverse procedure to place the unit back in  service.

By contrast, all components such as shunts, resistors, isolated terminals, etc., in the Ultra Box are designed as modules that snap on a DIN rail. Therefore, any component can readily be added, removed, or changed to a different version of any component. Any change can be made with the cables left in place.

The Ultra Box is a very user friendly alternative to existing junction box designs due to the  highly flexible modular design approach. When multiple shunts are to be connected in  parallel, a very common requirement, it is done with movable links that join adjacent shunts and are secured with a flange nut on each end. When these nuts are loosened, the link can  be pivoted out of the way to remove or change a shunt but the link is always retained in the process. The Ultra Box is expected to meet requirements that are normally specified by  users for junction boxes.

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