Current Interrupters

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  • DC capability 100A DC at up to 100V DC.
  • AC capability 100A AC at up to 440V AC.
  • 4 x 20 character LCD display.
  • Rugged case with storage for cables, AC adapter and antenna.
  • 16-key pad for local programming.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS synchronization for interruption precision of better than 1 millisecond.
  • Microprocessor driven.
  • 5-program capability.
  • Programmable interruption cycle.
  • Programmable start and stop times.
  • Programmable start and stop day and month
  • Holds power ON when not interrupting.
  • Color-coded output terminals.
  • RS-232 communication port.
  • Flash memory (never forgets program).


  • Global Positioning System (GPS) synchronization for 1 microsecond accuracy.
  • Displays time and date as well as latitude and longitude.
  • Displays number of program running.

  • 5-program capability.
  • Programmable interruption cycle (ON and OFF time).
  • Programmable start and stop times (24-hour clock).
  • Programmable start and stop day and month.
  • Holds power on when not interrupting.
  • Utilizes UTC 24-hour clock.
  • Communicates using Windows HyperTerminal.

CI-100/GPS Kit Includes:

  • CI-100/GPS Interrupter
  • AC adapter, 120/240V.
  • Power cables with safety connectors
  • Magnet-mount GPS antenna
  • Operator manual

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