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Graphite Anodes

While graphite anodes are used extensively to minimize corrosive attack on cross-country pipelines, they also have widespread application on a variety of underground and underwater structures.  These include water storage tanks, steel pilings, well casings, ship hulls and interiors, piers, processing equipment and similar structures in both seawater and freshwater.

Up to date manufacturing methods ensure a product quality which gives our graphite the following characteristics:

  • Excellent chemical resistance to withstand the relentless attack of corrosive soil and water conditions as compared with most other economically viable materials.
  • High resistance to cracking or spalling, even when subjected to repeated freezing and thawing cycles.
  • Light-weight, easy to handle.

Our experience has lead to our expanded capabilities for utilizing this versatile material in satisfying the demanding requirements for many different applications.

Anode Size (in.) Type Grade Weight (lbs.)
3 x 30 Plain Graphite 6068 13
3 x 60 Plain Graphite 6068 26
3 x 30 Oil Treated 6101 13
3 x 60 Oil Treated 6101 26
4 x 40 Plain Graphite 6068 28
4 x 80 Plain Graphite 6068 57
4 x 40 Oil Treated 6101 28
4 x 80 Oil Treated 6101 57

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