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Cott Shunts

A calibrated COTTShunt® makes it possible to measure cathodic protection currents and potentials with the highest degree of accuracy, reliability, and ease. Designed specifically for the cathodic protection industry and manufactured from the finest materials available by Cott Manufacturing Company in Los Angeles, California, the COTTShunt is available through Cott’s worldwide network of authorized distributors.

Circuit Board – Makrolon® polycarbonate is one of the world’s toughest plastics. Color coded for easy value recognition.
Current Strips and Potential Posts – Nickel plated brass.
Resistance Wire – Manganin (ASTM B267, CI.VI)
Configuration – Standard 1/4″ holes on 1″ centers fits all Fink® brand cathodic protection test stations.
Quality Assurance – All CottShunts® are 100% tested and calibrated to within ±1% of advertised resistance value


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