Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes

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MMO Tubular Anode

TELPRO TUBULAR ANODES are manufactured using titanium which meets ASTM B338 Grade 1 or 2 Standards.

TELPRO Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes have an extremely low consumption rate. The titanium substrate remains constant throughout the design life of the anode.


  • Resin Filled & Helium Tested for an Effective Seal of the Connection
  • Cable End of Anode Protected with Teflon Sleeve
  • Center Connection is Tested for Resistance & is Less than .001 ohms
  • Variety of Cable Types and Sizes Available 
Enviroment Anode Size Current Output Lifetime
Coke, Soil & Freshwater 3/4” x 48” (19mm x 1220mm) 7 amps 20 years
Coke, Soil & Freshwater 1” x 19.7” (25mm x 500mm) 4 amps 20 years
Coke, Soil & Freshwater 1” x 39.4” (25mm x 1000mm) 8 amps 20 years
Coke, Soil & Freshwater 1” x 48” (25mm x 1220mm) 3.5 amps* 20 years
Coke, Soil & Freshwater 1” x 60” (25mm x 1500mm) 4.5 amps* 20 years
Coke, Soil & Freshwater 1.25” x 48” (31.75mm x 1220mm) 12 amps 20 years
Seawater 3/4” x 48” (19mm x 1220mm) 45 amps 20 years
Seawater 1” x 19.7” (25mm x 500mm) 25 amps 20 years
Seawater 1” x 39.4” (25mm x 1000mm) 50 amps 20 years
Seawater 1.25” x 48” (31.75mm x 1220mm) 75 amps 20 years


TELPRO Mixed Metal Oxide Coating has been designed for use in all cathodic protection applications.TELPRO coating consists of IrO2/Ta2O5 and is suitable for use in soils, carbonaceous backfill, fresh and brackish water, seawater and concrete. Mixed metal oxide coating is generally accepted by the cathodic protection industry to be satisfactory for both chlorine and oxygen evolving electrolytes.

Based on accelerated life testing conducted by an independent laboratory, TELPRO MMO coating has proven to be superior to other mixed metal oxide coatings currently being used. A copy of this test report is available upon request.

Strict quality control procedures are followed throughout the coating process to insure proper coating adhesion and loading. Production of a quality product is fundamental in every step of the manufacturing process.

The operating characteristics for TELPRO MMO coating loadings are shown below:

Environment Maximum Current Density Lifetime
Carbonaceous Backfill 4.6 A/ft2 (50A/m2) 20 years
Calcined Petroleum 9.3 A/ft2 (100A/m2) 20 years
Backfill 9.3 A/ft2 (100A/m2) 20 years
Fresh Water 9.3-27.8 A/ft2 (100-300A/m2) 20 years
Brackish Water 55.8 A/ft2 (600A/m2) 20 years
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