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Stop It® HP™

STOP IT® HP™ is a multi-component epoxy composite repair system designed for high-pressure sealing applications with working pressures up to 2,000 PSI (140 kg/cm2) and operating temperatures up to 165ºF (74ºC). The repair system provides a built in 5:1 safety margin.

STOP IT® HP™ utilizes a premeasured 2-part epoxy system combined with high performance, aramid fi ber fabrics to provide superior leak sealing capacity with strong interfacial bonding. STOP IT® HP™ is recommended for high pressure applications up to 2,000 psi (140 kg/cm2 ) with a built in 5:1 safety margin. Repairs to high pressure process piping may be completed in as little as 4 hours.

The custom formulated epoxy resin offers strong adhesion to most substrates, thus addressing differences in thermal expansion between a pipe and the repair components. Repairs have demonstrated prolonged high pressure performance under repeated temperature and pressure cycling. The composite repair produces a durable coating that will not shatter under extreme operating conditions.

Repair applications can be made regardless of pipe orientation and results in a durable coating approximately 5mm thick. The repair epoxy system has a working time of approximately 8 – 10 minutes and will allow return to service in as little as 4 hours. Accelerated cure times are possible with the STOP® IT HP™ Annealing Kit.

STOP IT® HP™ is supplied in a kit with all of the necessary components for field installation*. Installation requires no special training and involves minimal surface preparation. Standard kits for repair of pipes up to 4” in diameter are available; non-standard kits can be custom made to order with short delivery times.

*Dispensing gun sold separately

Stop It® HP™ Kit* Contents
• Dispensing cartridge
• 2 static mixers with retainer
• Composite fabrics
• Illustrated instructions
• Mixing tray
• Safety gloves
• Clean-up supplies
*Dispensing gun (shown) ordered separately

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