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STOP IT® Custom Repair – Epoxy System (CR-E)

STOP IT® CR-E is an engineered composite system that consists of fiberglass fabric and high performance epoxy resulting in a powerful piping reinforcement product.

Our industry leading kit format provides all the necessary tools for a professional Installation. During production the fabric is cut to length and the epoxy components are factory pre-measured and sealed. This eliminates the need for measuring and weighing in the field, which can be cumbersome and inaccurate.

CR-E is available with your choice of up to five different epoxy systems for almost any application. Whether it is a cold climate, high-heat, or harsh chemical, there is a system to suit your need. All resin systems have no VOC’s and are 100% solids.

Composite Properties CR-E1 CR-E3 CR-E22 CR-Ec2
Per ply thickness .034″ nominal .017″ nominal .048″ nominal .045″ nominal
Tensile Strength wrap direction 55,900 psi 48,874 psi 44,199 psi 70,893 psi
Tensile Modulus wrap direction 2.49×106 psi 2.64×106psi 2.38×106psi 5.48 msi
Load per ply 1900 lbs 823 lbs 2,113 lbs 2,394 lbs

STOP IT® CR-E Kits ship to field with all components pre-measured and factory sealed.

Everything is included: Composite Fabric, 2-part epoxy resin, primer, stirring sticks, and UV paint. The technician simply lays out a pre-measured fiber reinforcement segment, mixes the pre-measured epoxy resin components (with the furnished mixing stick) and applies the epoxy resin to the reinforcement. No measuring is required in the field and performance tolerances are tightened with controlled fabric/epoxy resin ratios.

CR-E1 This fabric is a hybrid alloy employing aerospace grade E-glass and DuPont’s Kevlar yarns, arranged in a multi-axis layout that maximizes the ultimate composite strengths. It is constructed using a unique non-crimped method that reduces stress on the individual fibers and increases strength over generic woven fabrics by as much as 30%. This fabric allows for much better resin wetout and its multi-axis format provides strength in the 90°, +45°, and -45° axis. Width is 12″ nominal (wider widths available.)

CR-E3 This woven E-Glass fabric with modifi ed widths is designed for easy installations on smaller repairs.

CR-E22 A highly conformable knitted fabric for use in complex geometries.

CR-Ec2 This carbon fabric is designed to provide maximum strength on high modulus repairs.

CR-Ec3 This is a lightweight carbon fabric designed for smaller pipes or tight installations. Available in 2″, 4″, and 6″ widths.

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