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ROYSTON ROYFILL 404-B Casing Filler is a petroleum-based compound, blended with corrosion inhibitors, used to fill the annular space between the pipe and the casing which surrounds it. It is formulated to a controlled viscosity which permits cold pumping at low temperatures and resists flowing at elevated temperatures sometimes
found in underground service.


ROYFILL 404-B displaces casing water and prevents further accumulation or infiltration of water or moisture in the annulus, thereby eliminating a source f galvanic corrosion. Its pumpable consistency of 25°F to 160°F provides unusual latitude in application and service conditions, It corrects electrolyte shorts, and many metallic shorts have been reported cleared through the natural bouyancy action of the filler.


Casings are commonly used to surround and protect pipelines where the lines cross highways, railroads and similar locations. The Federal DOT Code of Regulations (Title 49, Part 192, Sub-part 1, Para. C, Sec. 192.467) requires these pipelines must be electrically isolated from metallic casings that are a part of the underground system. If isolation is impractical, other measures must be taken to minimize corrosion of the pipeline inside the casing. Casing filler is an acceptable measure for compliance with the regulation. ROYFILL 404-B is specifically designed for cold installation, making it ideal for small projects and inaccessible casings.


ROYSTON ROYFILL 404-B is installed directly from 55-gallon drums with the use of a special Royston/Graco Casing Filler Pumping Unit. Designed with an inductor plate, ROYFILL 404-B is easily injected into the annulus from the drum. Injection is recommended via pumping through the low end vent. Accumulated water will be displaced through the high vent. The unctuous filler will remain pliable should removal of the pipe become necessary at some later date.


ROYSTON ROYFILL 404-B Casing Filler is available in 55-gallon drums containing 52 gallons of casing filler.


Composition Petroleum-based compound with corrosive inhibitors.
Weight/Gallon 9.21 Pounds
Specific Gravity 1.11
Properties High dielectric Anti-corrosive Inert Non-toxic Water resistant Pliable Non-Flammable
Flash Point Above 160°F.
ASTIVI D3243-73

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