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Denso Protal Air Cartridge Gun (1000 Ml)

For Spraying Protal 7200 / 7900HT Cartridges (1000 ml)

The Protal Air Cartridge Gun is designed for use where fast and easy setup, no clean up, minimal material waste and minimal equipment maintenance is needed. It is based on a reliable design with proven dependability and service. The Protal Air Cartridge Gun has a quick connect/disconnect hose assembly for easy attachment of air lines to the spray manifold. The atomizer air line is also equipped with built in air fl ow regulator and pressure gauge to properly control the air fl ow and spray pattern. Protal Repair Cartridges should be heated to approx. 120°F to 130°F (49°C to 54°C) to ensure optimal spray results.


• Low cost, easy to use, lightweight and portable
• Uses a spray manifold/static mixer assembly
• Dispensing is accomplished with an economical modified air gun that provides controlled dispensing
• Added control of airflow volume and pressure allows for optimal material mixing and atomization

Straight and 90° Angle Mixing Tips Available

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