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Pipe Linx

Calpico Pipe Linx form a mechanical rubber seal between pipes going through walls, floors, vaults, tanks and pipeline casings. Calpico Pipe Linx make a watertight seal between a pipe and a wall hole. They can also seal the gap between an inner pipe and outer pipe sleeve or pipeline casing. They seal the gap between electrical conduit and the outer conduit, or between electrical conduit and the wall hole it passes through.

Linx Types


Type Description
 CSL  Standard EPDM Pipe Linx with insulating type pressure plate.
 CSL-SS  Pipe Linx with 304 grade stainless steel pressure plate.
 CSL-SSS  Pipe Linx with 316 grade stainless steel pressure plate.
 CSL-N  Special NITRILE Pipe Linx for petroleum based applications.
 CSL-N-SS  Special NITRILE Pipe Linx with 304 stainless steel plate.
 CSL-N-SSS  Special NITRILE Pipe Linx with 316 stainless steel plate.
 CSL-T  High Temperature


 Models and Sizes


CSL Model Recommended Wall Thickness
 20  2 1/4″
 30  3″
 32  4″
 40  5″
 42  5″
 47  4 1/2″
 50  5″
 52  5″


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