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MC Miller Reference Electrodes


• Low cost
• Easy to use
• Reliable
• Rugged

The MCM Line of Electrodes:

Standard Model. Flat CPT Porous Plug, for general use in soil and (With Submersible Adapter) for use in water. Approx. Overall Size: J%” dia. X 6″ long. Dry Weight: 4 oz


Similar to Model RE-5 except supplied with a cone-shaped CPT porous plug. For use in soft soils. Provides lower contact resistance. When pushed into soft soils the shape of the piug helps the electrode to “stand up”. Approx. Overall Size: 1 3/8 x 6 3/4″ long. Dry Weight: 5 oz.


Long, slim model with beveled CPT porous plug. For general purpose use in soil or in a I” diameter augered
hole in pavement. Approx. Overall Size: 1 ” dia x 8 1/2 long. Dry Weight 5 oz


For use on underside of bridge decks, parking garages, etc. in upside-down position



Large diameter /3″) flat CPT porous plug provides greater contact area. Flat plug provides lower contact resistance than rounded or serrated plug when placed in direct contact with flat surfaces. Especially useful on pavements, dry sand, frozen soil,~ etc. Stands by itself. Approx. Overall Size: 3″ dia. X 5″ long. Dry Weight 16 oz.




The Model RE-7 is used in the freestanding electrode. This easy to use electrode withstands extreme cold. hot and wet environments.

Accessories and Parts for MCM Electrodes

Converts any MCM Electrode for use underwater. Includes your choice of lead length (8′, 25′, 50′, 100′, 150′ or 200′) with 27- c Copper Test Clip attached. Water-tight connection.


The M.e. Miller Co. “RE-” series of electrodes provides three areas of improvement over other electrodes formerly available. These are: a Lexan Tube, a CPT* ceramic plug, and a strong top cap with a 1/4″ high-purity copper rod with 1/4 x 20 external thread and brass knurled nut.

The CPT* ceramic plugs offer numerous advantages.
1. The porosity of the CPT ceramic plug is uniform and controlled. All ceramic plugs are alike.
2. The CPT ceramic plug is fast wetting, and the electrode can be used within minutes after filling. (It often takes many hours to wet up a wood plug).
3. The CPT ceramic plug is pre-treated to provide lower electrical resistance which remains low as long as the plug is moist with saturated copper-sulphate solution.
4. A CPT ceramic plug can become thoroughly dried out and it will re-wet in a few minutes with the same low resistance. It is not necessary to keep the electrode in a position where the solution will be in contact with the plug.
5. Tests indicate that it is not necessary to keep the CPT plug covered to prevent drying when not in use. It is, however; desirable to do so, and a protective cap is provided for this purpose.
6. The CPT ceramic plug is housed in a high-density polyethylene fitting, which helps protect it against chipping or breaking in the event it is accidentally dropped.

The brilliant orange color of the Lexan tube was selected to provide an electrode which can be readily seen in grass, and to help locate it when it is placed remote or when it breaks loose from the “pull-in” lead.

Some of its other advantages are:

1. The Lexan tube used in the Model RE-5, RE-5C and RE-7 electrodes is extruded in two colors, orange and clear. The orange is opaque and provides a sun shield to eliminate the small potentials which sometimes occur with full transparent tubes. A clear transparent section extending the length of the electrode provides a window for visual inspection to observe the condition
and level of the copper-sulphate solution. We believe this window is essential to maintain the electrode in good condition. Lexan is also used in the body of the Model RE-3A Electrode, but the color is painted on the inside rather than extruded. An inspection window is provided.
2. The Lexan tube is highly resistant to damage. It can be misused, pushed into soft ground, dropped, and carried
in a tool kit without breaking. The top caps of the Model RE-5, RE-5C and RE-7 are heavy and strong. They are machined out of high-density polyethylene rod, and are extra thick where the copper rod is threaded through. A neoprene gasket provides a liquid and air tight seal. The top cap of the Model RE-3A is molded Cycolac, as is the plug receptacle

Tank Electrode with Extension

The M.e. Miller Co, Inc. waterproof electrode extension is used for pushing an electrode through a perforated PVC pipe running
under an above ground storage tank. It is particularly useful when an electrode cannot be dropped on its own weight into a hole or water. The ridged electrode extension uses a 3/4″ PVC pipe, commonly found inhardware and plumbing stores. Any length of pipe that is desired may be used, including attached pipe lengths using PVC slip couplings in order to reach the desired length. Additionally, a male 3/4″ NPT and a female 3/4″ NPT may be used to quickly screw multiple pieces of pipe together. The red # J6 AWG J50 foot test lead is included with the Tank Electrode Extension/Holder.

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