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Corroless Epoxy

Corroless® Epoxy Coatings

The Corroless® range includes coatings based on unique anticorrosive pigment technology, incorporating special rust stabilisation agents and modified glass flake.

Corroless® systems have been shown to stabilise rusty surfaces and give much higher and longer lasting anticorrosive protection than comparative paint systems.

Corroless® rust stabilisers have a fundamentally different chemical action from common ‘rust converters’, which can often lead to blistering and premature breakdown. Corroless® rust stabilisation is a process which occurs gradually over many months, but the effects of which last for many years.

The incorporation of special glass flake pigment into Corroless® products provides additional benefits of barrier protection, increased toughness and increased chemical resistance.

Corroless® vapour phase inhibitors are supplied in a variety of different forms and are typically employed for the ‘moth-balling’ of sensitive equipment, offshore oil installations etc., and the temporary protection of metal components during manufacture, delivery and storage.

Full product details and Project Specifications are available from our network of Corroless regional offices worldwide. A brief description of our core product range is given below.


  • Corroless EPF – high build, solvent-less two pack epoxy, tar-free, rust stabilising primer.
  • Corroless EP – high build, solvent-less two pack epoxy, rust stabilising primer.

Specialist Water & Tank Linings

  • Corroless EPF & EP – two pack epoxy, rust stabilising coatings for e.g. ballast tanks, sewerage tanks, etc.

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