Product Categories


Parts and tools to assist you in installing or applying corrosion protection products


Earth contact backfills (including coke) to increases the effective anode surface area

Coatings & Wraps

Sleeves, wraps, mastics, and coatings to repair pipe and prevent corrosion

Grounding & Surge Protection

Electrical isolation & related products for efficient cathodic protection

Pipeline Markers & Locating

Rock Shields

Medium density polyethylene extruded into a flat backed diamond mesh pattern


Sacrificial and impressed current anodes multiple options for size, wiring and backfill

Cable & Wire

Rome (PVC) and HMWPE insulated cathodic protection cables (rated 600 V)

Connector & Splice

Compression, heat shrink, and other splices and connectors for joining cables and wires


Pipeline Repair


Atmospheric Protection

Earth contact backfills (including coke) to increases the effective anode surface area

Casing Material

Flange Isolation & Protection

Isolation gaskets and washers for use at flanges (including high temperature kits)


Rectifiers & Monitors

DC power sources for impressed current anodes and monitors to measure performance

Test Equipment & Instruments

Reference electrodes, test stations, junction boxes and more

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