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Single Frequency Digital Line Tracer

Single Frequency Digital Line Tracer

Single Frequency Digital Line Tracer

The state-of- the-art TW-7700 utilizes advanced digital signal processing for precision locating performance yet is extremely easy to use. The lightweight receiver is simple to use. The display is a large and easy to read LCD that gives the user all the necessary information to do the job. A digital keypad allows the user to set the volume level, check the battery level, or activate an LCD backlight. Depth measurementis done at the push of a button. The transmitter allows the user to locate in either a conductive or inductive mode. A meter and switch make transmitter set up simple and quick. In the Fisher tradition, the TW-7700 is affordable, tough, and simple to use while providing maximum performance. A two year limited warranty comes standard with the unit.


-Advanced digital signal processing for accurate locating

-Instant target response

-Automatic gain control for maximum sensitivity

-Audio and visual left/right guidance

-Large easy to read LCD display

-Hard or soft carrying case standard equipment

-Operates on standard batteries

-Weather resistant design

-Push button depth measurement