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Raychem® Shrink Sleeves

Raychem® Shrink Sleeves


Wrap-around heat-shrinkable sleeve which replicates the structure and performance of mill-applied three-layer PE coatings.

Product Maximum Temperature
HTLP-60 65 ºC - 149ºF
HTLP-80 80 ºC - 176ºF

Common Applications

Compatible with all commonly used pipe coatings, including PE, coal tar enamel, coal tar epoxy, and fusion-bonded epoxy.


  • Fully resistant to shear forces induced by soil and thermal movements.
  • Sleeve applied over wet epoxy, with no curing or waiting times.
  • Superior cathodic disbondment performance and hot water immersion resistance.
  • Fully reconstructs three-layer coating at all girth welds for continuous and homogeneous performance on pipelines coated with 3LPE.
  • Low preheat requirements.