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PolyGuard Mastics

PolyGuard Mastics

CA-9™ and CA-14™ are single component, cold applied, solvent release bitumen coatings with high film building characteristics, providing a dry film thickness up to 12 mils per coat.

Polyguard's CA-9™ and CA-14™ are specified as corrosion coatings on steel pipelines as a result of energy related firms specifications such as Dow Chemical Company (Global specification G16S-0206-02) and Amoco Pipeline Company (Field Applied Protective Coatings Spec 1990) among many others.

Polyguards corrosion control coating protects piping under insulation by prohibiting completion of the electrical circuit necessary for corrosion to begin. If a vapor barrier is compromised, moisture migrates to the pipe through the insulation, Polyguard's coatings block moisture from ever contacting the pipe, thereby prohibiting the corrosion process.