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Low Pressure Pipe Repair

Low Pressure Pipe Repair


Stuart Leak Repair (SLR) is designed to seal low pressure leaks
(up to 5 ibs.) and prevent corrosion on steel gas distribution lines.

SLR contains a Can usa high
expansion crosslinked polyolefin
shrink sleeve (WLOX), a closure
seal. a wax mastic and duct tape.

Strength to resist impact and
abrasion caused by soil stress

Simplicity to make it easy to install
requiring no special tools other than
a propane torch.

Low cost bulk rolls of high
expansion material eliminating the
need to inventorv a variety of sizes
and/or types for specific

Stuart Leak.Repair can be ordered as an individual kit (SLRK) which will include a sleeve, closure seal mastiaand··duck'tape cut and sized or a specific pipe diamater. ·Or it can be ordered as separate "bulk'" units' for qeld p¢rsonnel to cut on the jobsite. The sleeve.material is available in 12", 18" &. 24" widths 100' long, or 36" width- 50' long. Sleeve material is available in biack only: When ordering individual kits, please'  specify the width of sleeve desired and the pipe diameter. The 1st letters designate the product, the 1st number designates the sleeve width, the 2nd number designates the pipe diameter, the last letter designates the color. See ordering code example below.