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Insulseal Waterproof Membrane

Insulseal Waterproof Membrane

Insulseal 30

Sheet Membrane for waterproofing thermal insulation


The Protecto Wrap InsulSeal 30 Sheet Membrane Insulating Jacket System consists of a 30-mil total thickness SBS modified rubberized asphalt membrane laminated to a heavy-duty black polyethylene film on the face and a siliconized, removable, release sheet on the adhesive side. The factory controlled thickness assures uniform thickness on the job, while the inherent waterproofing properties of the SBS modified rubberized asphalt membrane provide waterproofing protection to insulated piping and equipment, helping to assure the thermal performance of the insulation and provide energy savings. InsulSeal 30 is provided in 36" wide by 100' long rolls.


The Protecto Wrap lnsulSeal 30 Sheet Membrane Insulation Jacket System when wrapped around insulation provides a tough, pliable outer film that resists punctures from rocks and sharp objects when backfill material is used. It also provides vapor barrier protection on cold piping and equipment to prevent moisture build up and condensation from forming in the insulation. InsulSeal 30 may be applied in spiral wrap or cigarette wrap applications. Since no drying or curing time is necessary, lnsulSeal 30 may be buried immediately.


  • Factory controlled thickness. 
  • Provides ease of application for significant labor savings. 
  • Less material loss and cleanup. 
  • Provides maximum resistance to water or vapor transmission. 
  • Provides self-sealing properties that provides an excellent bond at the overlap. No special adhesives, primers, catalysts or heat are required. 
  • Minimizes energy loss by keeping insulation dry and free of condensation. 
  • Protects substrate from deterioration from exposure to below ground acids and alkalis found in normal soils. 
  • Provides improved resistance to hydrocarbon contaminated soils. 
  • Elastomeric properties allow for movement of the substrate. 
  • Has a 25/50 Flame/Smoke rating.  
Property Test Method Results
Thickness   30 mils
Tensile Strength  ASTM D-412 5000
Peel Strength  ASTM D-903 9.5 inch/lb.
Application Temperature   +40ºF to +130ºF 
Puncture Resistance  ASTM E-154 50 lbs.
Elongation  ASTM D-412 300%
Perm Rating  ASTM E-96 .013 Max
In Service Temperature   -25ºF to +165ºF



The Protecto Wrap lnsulSeal 30 is a waterproofing membrane only. Do not use as a substitute for banding or mechanical fastening of pipe insulation. Consult insulation manufacturer's application instructions for correct banding or mechanical fastening information. 
When used permanently above ground lnsulSeal 30 should be immediately overwrapped with an aluminum jacket to protect the membrane from degradation by ultraviolet rays. Protecto Wrap Company's Protecto Seal 45 is a suitable outer wrap in exposed areas. Contact Protecto Wrap Company for more information on Protecto Seal 45. 


InsulSeal 30 should be handled and stored in a manner as to prevent damage to the material and cartons from rain and physical damage. It is recommended that all materials be stored in a heated building during cold weather. Store all materials away from sparks or flames and where materials will not exceed 100°F for extended periods. Outdoors, place InsulSeal 30 cartons on raised pallets and cover completely. 


The insulation shall be clean of all frost, moisture and other foreign material. Surface temperatures of the insulation should not exceed 165°F. Butt joints and longitudinal seams should be inspected so that excess heat (in hot lines) is not allowed to escape. 
On soft or extremely dusty insulations such as fiber glass, rock wool, or calcium silicate, a 4" wide piece of InsulSeal 30 should be wrapped around the insulation every 16" to 38" as required to anchor the outer wrapping of lnsulSeal 30. It should be applied over the butt joint and may require mechanical fastening in some cases. 


When InsulSeal 30 is installed using the cigarette wrap technique using 36" wide sections, the InsulSeal 30 material should be cut to the proper length to wrap around the insulation and overlap a minimum of 2 inches. On small diameter installations, peel off the release paper and set the InsulSeal 30 into the correct position. On large diameter installations, peel off the first 9 inches, position the InsulSeal 30 and press the membrane around the insulation, removing additional release paper as the InsulSeal 30 is applied. Overlap longitudinal seams at least 2 inches. Butt seams should be overlapped at least 2 inches. 
When InsulSeal 30 is installed using the spiral wrap technique in 4", 6" or 12" wide wraps, peel back the release paper from the first 9 inches of InsulSeal 30 and begin wrapping with the adhesive side of wrap to the insulation surface. Continue to remove the release paper as the InsulSeal 30 is applied. Overlap successive winds at least one inch or more as specified. 
Apply pressure using a roller or other source to all lap and end joints to insure that the lap is well conformed and adhered to the insulation surface. 
On exposed or cold insulated piping or equipment, care should be taken to insure all seams are well adhered. Fishmouths should be slit and repaired with a wrap of 6" wide tape applied around the entire installation and overlapping itself at least 2 inches. 
If moisture is already present in the insulation at the time of application of the InsulSeal 30, blisters may begin to form on hot lines. Slit the blisters to relieve the vapor pressure and patch using a 6" wide wrap of InsulSeal 30 applied around the entire installation and overlapping itself at least 2 inches. 


Consult the engineer's application instructions for recommendations for wall penetrations, insulation supports, line guide, line anchor, expansion-contraction joints, expansion chamber and ditch configurations including drainage pipes. 


Backfill shall be made with sand or other fine particle size material. If dirt is used it shall be of a type that is free from clay or 
any other type of fill that will result in shrinkage or will adhere to the membrane in a way that it could pull or dislocate the 


Insulated pipe should be installed above the water table on a gravel base topped with a six-inch layer of sand. If this is not 
possible, a perforated drain pipe covered with a fabric to prevent fines or dirt from plugging the holes should be used in 
combination with the gravel base to provide adequate drainage. The trench design and conditions required are to be provided 
by the architect or engineer. 


Size Rolls/Case Weight/Case Cases/Pallet
36" x 75' 1 106 25