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Heat Shrink Splice Kits

Heat Shrink Splice Kits

Heat Shrink Splice Kits



CANUSA CASE Anode Splice Encapsulation Kits provide a convenient method of Environmentally sealing and encapsulating anode cable for inline Y, or parallel splices. A single splice kit covers many size cables and ensures a mechanically strong, electrically insulated splice that is sealed from contamination.

CASE kits contain all the materials required to completely encapsulate standard split bolt or compression splices and eliminate time consuming taping. The entire kit installs in minutes and when used with the CANUSA CRLS RAIL-LESSe repair sleeve, will provide a permanent environmental seal, with excellent insulation characteristics, and is ready for direct burial immediately after installation.


EASY INSTALLATION - CASE Anode Splice Encapsulation Kits provide an easy method of sealing splice connections while reducing labor costs. CANUSA CRLS RAIL-LESSI!> repair sleeve provides a fast, simple, and clean insulation/connection
system. The sleeving will not split or rupture during normal installation, even when overheated. CRLS sleeving can be installed at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

ENVIRONMENTAL SEAL - The CRLS sleeving provided in the CASE Anode Splice Encapsulation Kit is coated internally with a dual purpose thermoplastic liner and when used with the CTSG sealing tape, and heated, will encapsulate the cable splice connection and provide the mechanical strength of a superior adhesive with the environmental sealing capability and corrosion protection of a high quality mastic