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FLC 7 FrontLine Coatings

FLC 7 FrontLine Coatings

     A coating revolution is upon us FLC 7 is the latest technology in high

performance, environmentally advanced, multi-use , waterborne acrylic polymer.

  • High volume of solids 65%
  • Elastomeric ability, which also protects against natural wind deterioration.
  • Excellent adhesion to metals and existing coating.
  • Outstanding moisture resistance.
  • One step system, all in one primer. Mid coat. Top coat.
  • Easy clean up with water.
  • Excellent solvent - chemical resistance.
  • Freeze/thaw resistance.
  • VOC compliant. Levels so low there is none to list on the MSDS.
  • High gloss retention.
  • Ships UPS.
  • Last but not least - excellent CORROSION protection.
Applications: bridges, outdoor enclosures, industrial roofs, exposed piping,
power and utilities, storage tanks, commercial striping. An ideal commercial
and light industrial maintenance and atmospheric protection coating.
Our NACE certified experts can provide the assistance you need.
FLC 7 comes standard in several colors. Custom colors available up request.


FLC7 is an excellent coating produced by FrontLine Coatings.


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