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EDI - Ice-Pack I.C. Electronic Package

Typical Application:

  • Replaces Mg anodes for cathodic prtection of underground structures
  • Useful for spot protection in areas not adequately covered by primary system


  • Constant current output does not vary with seasonal variations in resistivity
  • 20 year design life with proven high silicon iron anodes
  • Direct hook-up to 115 VAC
  • 120 or 240 milliampere output currents
  • Other sizes available on special order


  • 3 inches (8 cm) dia cotton bag, 20 inches (50 cm) long

Design Compatibility:

    The Model RI ICE PackTM is a self-contained unit consisting of a constant current rectifier connected to a high silicon iron anode and packaged in a cotton bag containing calcined petroleum coke. The rectifier circuit is available in both half wave and full wave models. Half wave rectifiers are used for a structure electrically bonded to the power company grounding system; full wave units are used when the structure is electrically isolated from the grounding system. This unique circuit does not generate heat; therefore, it is completely encapsulated in potting compound to protect it from the environment. Each ICE PackTM can replace several magnesium anodes; and with a design life of 20 years, it also eliminates one anode replacement cycle. ICE PackTM are a cost effective alternative for cathodically protecting any underground structure.