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Casing Seals & Insulators

Casing Seals & Insulators


High density (linear), injection molded virgin polyethylene casing isolators/spacers provide positive insulation, high abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction for a wide variety of double containment carrier/casing pipe applications. They are extremely light in weight and easy to handle during installation. A ribbed inner surface prevents slippage and guards against carrier pipe coating damage while the outer surface may include any one of several molded runners to accommodate 2" (50.8mm) x 4" (101.6mm) or larger carrier/casing differentials. One piece solid molded segments provide for maximum load bearing. Hardware includes cadmium plated steel studs, nuts and washers. A screwdriver is the only tool needed for installation.

Typical Application

Typical Installation
Based on 20-feet (6.0-meters) carrier pipe segments in a casing of not more than 300-feet (91.5-meters) .

Recommended Maximum Spacing
All Model PE Isolator/Spacers should not exceed 5-feet (1.5-meters) to 8-feet (2.4-meters) center-to-center. An isolator/spacer should be placed within 2-feet (0.6-meters) on each side of a coupling or joint and within 1-foot (0.3-meters) of each end of the casing.


  • 5" (127mm) wide band for maximum hoop strength around carrier pipe.
  • Ribbed inner surface prevents slippage and guards against coating damage.
  • Molded from virgin polyethylene material.
  • Lightweight for ease of handling and installation.
  • Screwdriver is only tool needed for installation.
  • High-temp model available (up to 12" [305mm]) for service termperatures to 280-degrees F. (138-degrees C.).
  • Eliminates the Need for Blown Sand or Pea Gravel

Material Specifications

Material   Injection Molded Virgin Polyethylene
Tensile Strength D638, D651 3,100 - 5,500 psi (218 - 387 kg/cm²)
Compressive Strength D69 3,200 psi (225kg/cm²)
Water Absorption D570 0.1%
Temperature   180° F. Max. (82° C.)
Impact Strength D256 1.5 - 2.0 ft lb/in. (0.8 - 1.07 newton-meter/cm)
Dielectric Strength D149 450 Volts/Mil.
Color   Natural



3/4" (19mm) through 12" (305mm) = 2-piece with molded-in runners.
14" (356mm) and larger = Multiple segments with molded-in runners.

Metallic - Bolts and Square Nuts = Plated Steel

Model PE Casing Isolators are designed primarily for smaller diameter steel or polyethylene carrier pipes (ANSI O.D. pipe without a bell or mechanical joint). We do not recommend that they be used on any carrier pipe over 24" in diameter or for installations over 300 feet long without consulting with PSI. PE Isolators should not be used on concrete carrier pipe.