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From a modest beginning in 1952, as a manufacturer’s representative for a pipeline coating company, Stuart Steel Protection Corporation has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of corrosion control products. Still under family ownership, our goal is to be the most dependable, responsive and focused corrosion control supplier in the United States.

Stuart now offers hundreds of products for corrosion control.  We serve the oil, gas, electric, water, sewer, telecommunications and marine industries.  The Stuart line of quality products reflects the latest advances in corrosion control technology to protect a wide range of metallic structures.  The line includes products for cathodic protection, coatings and wraps, electrical isolation, sealing and related accessories.

We care about corrosion because it is life threatening, costly, harmful to our environment and wasteful.  The total estimated direct and indirect cost of corrosion in the United States is a staggering $552 billion dollars annually.  In addition to causing numerous deaths, the damage caused by corrosion often has harmful effects to our environment; polluting our air, water and land.   Most of the corrosion to our infrastructure is wasteful because it can be prevented. Let us show you how to control corrosion today!


Cathodic Protection

The corrosion of underground structures is caused by a DC current flowing from one metal surface to another through electrolyte in the adjacent soil. The metal surface discharging the current dissolves metal particles to cause deterioration of the structure. Cathodic protection is a means of stopping the discharge of DC current from the structure or negative (cathodic) metal, by countering with another current from a positive (anodic) metal. This is accomplished by installing anodes in electrical contact with the structure.

  • Anodes, Galvanic, Impressed, Magnesium, Aluminum, Zinc, Graphite, mixed metal oxide, precious metals, silicon-iron
  • Rectifiers, air cooled, oil cooled, custom
  • Cable, wire, connectors, splice kits, fittings
  • Test Stations, reference electrodes, testing equipment

Coatings & Wraps

Stuart offers a wide range of coatings, wraps, and application equipment for corrosion control. These products include: epoxies, hot-applied tar coatings, heat-shrinkable sleeves, cold-applied tapes, mastics, petrolatum and Stuart Rock Stop™. The Stuart Wrapster™, a pipe-wrapping machine developed in 1968, is specifically designed for applying Stuart Super Wrap and other hot or cold-applied plasticized tapes.


Electrical Isolation

Stuart isolation products include dielectric unions and flange insulation kits with gaskets, sleeves and washers. We offer a variety of products to seal and separate the carrier pipe from the casing. They include Stuart Casing Seal Kits, rubber link seals, spacers and casing fillers. tape, transition fittings, couplings and tools associated with corrosion control.

Instruments & Accessories

Electrical metering and instrumentation products include potential meters, reference cells, soil resistance instruments, holiday detectors, pipe locators, and other field monitoring devices.

Stuart Accessories include pipeline pigs for internal cleaning, pipeline marking tape, transition fittings, couplings and tools associated with corrosion control.

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